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Discord Rules !

Advertising, advertising in DMs, sharing inappropriate links, sharing invites to other discord servers, sharing chain messages (i.e. don't accept this guy because he'll hack you, share this message with everyone, copy pasta, memedogs, etc)
  • ● 1st offences permanent ban

Acting uncivilized, begging, spamming, flooding (or causing flood/spam), using caps, cursing, being racist/sexist/etc., pretending to be a staff member, hashtag abuse, disrespecting, inciting to suicide or to any other kind of harmful behavior, indecency, sexual harassment and any other kind of behavior that might ruin in any way the game/discord experience of someone else or that will be considered as inappropriate
  • ● 1st offence: /warn
  • ● 2nd offence: 30 minutes of mute
  • ● 3rd offence: 1 hour of mute
  • ● 4th offence: 6 hours of mute
  • ● 5th offence: 12 hours of mute
  • ● 6th+ offence: 1 day of mute

Abbreviations with swear words are allowed as long as they're not disrespectful. Usually spam is the repetition of a word 3 or more times within 5 minutes. Censor evasion/swearing is an instant mute Spam tagging, troll tagging, spam tagging roles may be punished with a mute, tempban or ban depending on the case.

Having an inappropriate profile pic on Discord may be punished with a ban, you can have all the inappropriate pics you want but if you do you can't stay on our Discord server
Discord Server : Visit https://discord.gg/pyWQB27DuJ