How to play Prison ?



First, you are going to rank A. At the right of your screen, you will see how much money you have right now and the bars BELOW the money is your progress! To start a progress. get your Pickaxe (Enchantment Level 15) and start mining the blocks. If you mine too much, the chat will say your inventory is full. Sometimes, they will say the same message in a text screen on your position. When you are done, you go to the villager and right click to sell your items!



It will say how much money you can earn by selling the items. You can do the same method to get money to Rank G! You can also get money or supplies from voting! Also, you can get a plot for some stuff to be put away because when you mine a little bit and you have lots of wood or any kind of item, you can make a plot (/plot auto). Make a chest to put stuff that you don't need, also you can use them later.

Free Rank

Continue mining to rank up all the way to Freeman. There is no mine for Freeman or above but you now have access to the Free World. The Free World is a big area in which you can build a base. But, be forewarned, griefing is allowed in this area.

Command and Item Shop

You can buy Items and Commands, and you can play your game in better quality! Just type this command. /ci shop

Chest Shop

The selling method is the same! But the 'B100' changes to 'S100'! Prison is fun for mining and ranking up! You will receive crate keys if you do the requirements on the crate. I recommend you getting Voting Crates, it's the easiest crate! When you spawn, be careful of the warzone outside the red outline, good thing there's a warning. You can't scam players.

Ranks Prices

You are need mining and rankup,for you need get pickaxe but you don't know prices Ranks.Now here you can see!