There are different blocks in warps consisting of 26 letters for you to raise money in prison you can earn money.If you earn enough money you can rank up by the command /rankup


If you reach the letter “E”, you can open a plot. Well, you will ask why let’s open a plot because you don’t have any space to store your belongings! but this is a good opportunity for you! To open a plot, simply enter the / p auto command.

Free Rank

As soon as you reach the rank of “Free”, you have reached the last rank. So what can you do with it, you can go to Free World by typing /warp Free, you can make home and fight with other people!

Auto Sell

To automatically sell the items you earn, type /autosell toggle. This feature is valid for everyone. It is not the “vip” feature!

Donator Kits


Sets: Protection 1 Unbreaking 1 / Tools: Dig Speed 1 Unbreaking 1 + Sword: Sharpness 1 Unbreaking 1 Knockback 1


Sets: Protection 2 Unbreaking 2 / Tools: Dig Speed 2 Unbreaking 2 + Sword: Sharpness 2 Unbreaking 1 Knockback 1


Sets: Protection 3 Unbreaking 3 / Tools: Dig Speed 3 Unbreaking 2 + Sword: Sharpness 3 Unbreaking 2 Knockback 1


Sets: Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 / Tools: Dig Speed 4 Unbreaking 2 + Sword: Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 2 Knockback 2


Sets: Protection 5 Unbreaking 3 / Tools: Dig Speed 4 Unbreaking 3 + Sword: Sharpness 4 FireAspect 1 Unbreaking 2 Knockback 2

How can i learn rank prices

You can learn type /ranks

Token Shop

You can earn tokens by digging blocks. What to do with the token. You can open the market and shop by clicking the villager in the spawn.


If you want do quest /warp quest you can see villager select and do your quest !.You can do it once monthly these quests!


If you want extra storage use the command /backpack.You can upgrade the backpack!